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Eilfin Publishing has released a number of gaming materials for their excellent "Undiscovered - the Quest for Adventure" system, which I've had the pleasure of illustrating. Here are a few examples of the artwork I've done for them:

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All  images here are Copyright 2001 by Eilfin Publishing and Robert M. Carlos.  All rights reserved

These images may not be used for any purpose without contacting the administration of Eilfin Publishing, which can be done HERE.

There are a LOT more pictures (at least 100) where this came from, but you'll have to buy the books to see them all! If you are an RPG fan, and think you might be interested in a character without limitations, then it will be well worth it. Also, if your local gaming supply dealer doesn't carry the Undiscovered system, then ASK them to! It really is as good as I make it sound! They can get more information about how to carry it by e-mailing the publisher HERE.

Eilfin Publishing: We play with your imagination

You can buy the rulebook at the Eilfin website or from just click here: AMAZON

There is also an expansion adventure available which I both wrote and illustrated.(See the double picture above) It is available from both places as well. Here's a link to the AMAZON page for it.