Neverwinter Models

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These are all skins that I've created for the Neverwinter Nights game by Bioware.

Many of these were done with modeling/animation assistance by Inselafffe and Kinaar Greycloak

I am really not certain how they will actually work within the game, and none of them have been tested to my knowledge. For the newest info on importing custom work into the game, try Polyhedral's site. Also, feel free to let me know if you get them to work in your modules. I'd love to see how people have used them!

And, here's a file (as of July 8th, 2004) to add some of my characters to your game as custom portraits. Just unzip the contents into your NWN/Portraits folder, and you'll have these 17 new portraits to choose from:

Download NWN RobCarlos (5.4 Mb)

These other portraits are still available, but I needed to remove them from my server due to the excessive amount of bandwidth being stolen from me each month. If people would stop hotlinking to my pictures for their message board avatars, I could put them all back up for free. In the meantime, if you would like to get the full collection (46 pictures for now, but there will be more to come - which I will make available on the site as updates for a limited time each), you can order a CD from me with all of them for $5 US plus $5 Shipping and handling. Just click the Add To Cart button below to order:


If you make a module using my pictures, please feel free to email me a link to it! I'd love to see what some of my characters become, and I'm becoming a custom mod addict!

And then there's this other project involving NWN that I became immersed in. If your sense of humor is up to it, go check out
Penultima for Neverwinter Nights
I've done the portrait artwork for the second installation of Mr. Gagne's brilliant game. It's all posted there, and prints of some of his characters can be found in the PRINTS gallery. His modules are usually found on the top of the NWVault list, and are absolutely excellent!

The newest one by Stefan:

I did the portraits for these characters too, and they are VERY limited prints now ('cause I really like how they came out). Click above to see the pictures, and order yours.

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